Gender Wars :: Girls' Edition

Saturday, April 11, 2009

This the Gender Wars episode of the BBN, Girls' Edition! We get a recap on all the major events in the past few weeks including Physics Fun Day, International Week and the FNL Talent Show, meet some Barons with some serious talent, all the while play tricks on the unsuspecting boys. Its about to get ugly.


Ahmad Shehadeh said...

Wow, the Baron Broadcast has come a long way. This years crew is doing a good job. The Anchor is good on this edition. I like how you guys had a side view of her talking. I wish we would of that of that last year. I used to have a part in the BBN called Ahmad's World and I would get the school students involved moreby asking random questions. Sometimes they are more intrested in watching them selfs on TV. But all in all, you guys are doing a good Job.
Also nice credits. lol